Here is a summary of the playtesting session from 5/6/2014

  • Change dialogue in tutorial to be more specific (This means we should particularly mention force, mass, and angle of impulse)
  • Some people want hotkeys for the apples
  • Didn’t like the inverted x-axis for camera
  • Want WASD for movement control (it’s in there, but add to tutorial)
  • One suggested lock camera and character movement together
  • Zoom in seems to be a problem–happens accidentally, no one seems to want to do it on purpose
  • Fix eye color on intro comic
  • Boats are possibly being affected by too many apple types
  • Cars go flying if they pile up
  • Couple of people have trouble remembering what apple types do
  • GUI can get obstructive


Here is a summary of the playtesting session from 3/4/2014.

Elements the participants all had similar reactions to:

  • Found the Force and Mass controls difficult because they were far removed from where their hands were.  Wanted a keyboard control (or otherwise more easily manipulable control) for the Force and Mass adjustments rather than clicking sliders.
  • Didn’t pay attention to the stats GUI
  • Didn’t find the more detailed instruction GUI or didn’t find it presented at the right time
  • Liked the general art style, but thought it needed to be evened out for consistency
  • Remembered there were apple types, but not necessarily which was which and what their differences were.
  • Disliked the size of the GUI elements, particularly the small bottom portion, and the lack of interactivity with it (wanted to click it)

Elements some of the participants had problems with:

  • Enemy types not entirely memorized from tutorial
  • Camera movement was too fast-wanted it to snap into position or have dampening
  • Didn’t use mouse control to change camera angle

Elements the participants had conflicting reactions to:

  • Some thought it was obviously educational, some didn’t (the one who didn’t never found the parabola and friction instructions)
  • Some disliked having tutorials, some wanted even more tutorials


Proposed changes to address these issues:

  • Intersperse levels between tutorials instead of having all of the tutorials at once.
  • Change GUI to make the elements more consistant in size.  Also change how some GUI elements can be interacted with.  For example, user control advance the text from the tutorial with a click, and change the Force and Mass controls to keyboard controls
  • Make stats GUI more consistent with control GUI, and have it change more dramatically (flash the line of text that is changing)
  • Dampen camera movement

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