Author: yanghualong521

Art suggestions

I colored some parts of comics. And I think maybe we should add some exaplain sentences on comics. Because player will feel confused about the relationship between the comics and our gameplay. I think they are hard to connect the comics and game. The point is the comics didn’t reflect central purpose “defeat enemy through force and mass changing” .Maybe we can add parabola into comic.

For the animation of trees, I think maybe we can just make 3937F9A3-A2A7-41FF-9F64-04A0752E7E4Dthis part moved and don’t wave this part.B5C26185-3C8E-41C7-BE10-9B40C4D65223 It looks more like wind.


Game play and art update


Just I read jichen’s email, maybe it is unclear for the player to choose right weapon to defear the enemies. I think

  • the speed of tank should be more slower.And the scale should be more bigger, in oder to show the tank is a heaviest one. The player should increase mass and choose rotten to defeat it. Maybe when the player heighten mass number, can we make apple become more bigger to fir this change, if so, this can make sence for player
  • For the boat, it is a less friction one, so the speed can fast than other enemies. Can we use a rolling apple to defeat it because it is difficlut to defeat a fast object using a thowing apple.
  • the enemies should disappear when they are attached.
  • I will put new tank into dropbox with 6 wheels. And maybe the black line around tank shoud move out to make it clear