Author: cjguevara

Art Updates

All five panels of the proposed comic strip to introduce the main plot of our game have been outlined and are ready to be colored. The first panel is colored, and the rest will be finished this week by Caroline and by Junyu as well to spread out the work evenly. 

The boy animation is still underway, there is still a weird pop that does not align with the movement of the player. This will be looked further into.

Last week Natalie and I looked into the particle system in Unity and were able to created a “kapow” comic like effect for when the player is hit, to further distinguish the hit. The failed attempt apple effect was also slightly modified.



Updated Art Assets

A lot has been updated in terms of the art assets for the game.

  1. win and lose cards have been redesigned to include a cartoon character of Little Newton either achieving victory or getting distracted by toys
  2. Little Newton’s main character model has been re-rigged (given a new skeleton) in 3DS Max to account for a rigging issue found in Maya when exported. He now has a motion to throw and will have a side stepping motion as well 
  3. Little Newton has also been UV’d and textured for the game as well
  4. A toy chest has been created and textured to give the toys a “spawn point”
  5. A new tree has been put into the dropbox to place in the background long with the bushes 
  6. New GUI buttons and indicators have also been created in Photoshop to give the GUI more color and differentiation 


A new issue has risen with the exportation of the model. The number of vertices tripled and is causing a minor issue in the game. This will be looked into this week. 

Art Updates

From the art team, the following has been created/is in progress:

  • The character is still a boy but had to be reconstructed in 3DS Max due to exportation issues. This is currently underway. Collaborative effort between Ning and Caroline
  • Junyu will be exporting a different tree for placement into the environment 
  • New GUI textures to indicate which apple projectile is chosen
  • Image
  • New Start and End title screens are being created and touched up in Photoshop

Art Team Update

Certain art direction issues were discussed briefly. For the time being the following ideas have been tossed up:

  • When the enemies die, something similar to the PvZ death sequence where after the enemy is defeated they disappear in a small poof of smoke after falling over
  • The toon shader that will be implemented will give the characters a thin outline and dark shadows
  • When the main character has been “hit”, he will stagger back for a brief second in his animation sequence
  • A new character has been created in order to overcome import issues. Testing will done immediately to see if it works fine