Implementation Update for 2nd Iteration

Changelog for the latest build:


  • Preamble comic
  • Better explosions
  • Better barrier
  • Stats UI Icons
  • UI indicators of the forces applied (angle and gravity; missing force scaling)
  • Robot-change head color to yellow
  • Animations for the boy (throw, hit, sidestep)
  • Removed the treehouse and added apples instead
  • Wind



  • Skip tutorial button
  • Shorter tutorial
  • Fast forward button
  • Reset level button (for when you get stuck)
  • Discrete movement to 8 discrete radii sections (for now it works on top of the regular movement with the keys Z and C)
  • Control for the initial impulse angle of the throw (throwing straight down, or up, etc.)
  • New levels, tweaked to make the new mechanics of the wall and angle more relevant and balancing the difficulty
  • Tweaked the collision box for the robot


  • Once level cleared, no need to click continue twice

Internal changes:

  • The format of the script for specifying the tutorial and levels has changed! Specifically, the instuction for setting up a level now takes the following parameters:
    • # level
    • # hit points allowed
    • # of regular apples
    • # of sticky apples
    • # of rotten apples
    • type of the default apple (0,1,2)
    • # of bots
    • # of boats
    • # of cars
    • # of tanks




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