Season 2 Iteration 1 plans

Plans for making the game “fun”

  • Explosions.
    Motivation: Explosions.
  • A skip tutorial button
    Motivation: avoid boredom from redoing tutorial
  • Barriers
    Motivation: Add a puzzle-type challenge to hitting certain enemies.  Also synchronizes with the impulse angle mechanic
  • Control for the initial impulse angle of the throw [throwing straight down, or up, etc.]
    Motivation: lower impulse angles will allow for faster throw, higher can avoid the barrier
  • Stats UI Drawings
    Motivation: Make the stats UI more fun

    • Remaining lives
    • Remaining enemies
    • Remaining apples
  • Animation additions: Boy side-stepping and background subtle wind movements
    Motivation: More dynamic aesthetics
  • UI cues
    Arrows displaying force and mass effects on parabola

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