First Turned-Based Full Level Settings

Here are the settings for the first full level of the turned based version of the game (in which the player chooses where to shoot, the apple shoots, and then the enemies advance one square):


Hit points:

The player can take 2 hits, and on the third, they loose (3 hit points, 0 left means you’re dead)



Spawn one enemy one turn at a time until only fourth to last and last spawn turn; on the fourth to last and last spawn turn, spawn 2 enemies at a time.  Order of spawning doesn’t matter for the level in which the player only shoots once per turn.

3 tanks (spawn from 2 different directions)

5 cars (spawn from anywhere)

2 boats (spawn from anywhere)

3 robots (spawn from 3 different directions)



The player can choose which apple to shoot on each turn, but can only shoot one per turn.

2 rotten apples

2 sticky apples

10 regular apples


Note that these numbers don’t give the player a lot of chances to miss, but that should be ok since they have some hit points so missing 2 will be fine anyway.




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