Meeting Notes

Hi all,

Here are some notes about what we decided at our last meeting:

  • We will go for one last big overhaul in the form of a turn-based version of the game.
  • The enemies will move along a radial grid, advancing one square each turn either to the side or forwards based on AI
  • The player will be able to place barriers in squares to alter where the enemies will move next-this will be necessary as a delay tactic as the player won’t be given enough resources to deal with all of the enemies individually without planning.  For example, since the tanks need to be dealt with using the rotten apples, if there are 5 tanks and the player is only ever given 3 rotten apples, the player will have to construct the barriers in order to direct the tanks into a strategic location where they have placed the rotten apple puddle.
  • The barriers will also have height, which will necessitate that the player carefully set the arc of their parabola to be able to go over the walls if they would like to hit something behind the wall.
  • The player will have a limited number of projectiles, and has to choose where to shoot 3 of them each turn.  Therefore, the player will have to waste limited ammunition if they cannot shoot around the barriers, because there is no option to shoot less of the ammunition.

Please add or let me know if I missed anything.  Pictures from the meeting are incoming.


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