Game Ideas

  1. Add a tutorial level to lay out the elements more clearly, keeping the game an action game as it is right now. See the entry below (Level design) for some more specifics.
  2. Add elements beside projectiles and enemies, namely obstacles. The obstacles will both deter (by blocking) or aid (by providing cover) the enemies and projectiles in different situations.
  3. Make the game a turn based, puzzle game instead of an action game.
    1. Present complicated puzzles with a specific configuration of incoming enemies and a limited amount of projectiles and other props the player can use that require the player to carefully think before executing a move.
    2. New elements will be presented independently and will be required to solve some basic puzzle. Once several elements have been introduced, a new puzzle will require the combination of several of the elements in order to achieve a solution.
    3. Giving the players more time to think their moves will enhance the learning experience although it may decrease the dramatic tension of the pressure caused by the incoming enemies.
    4. Reference games: The Incredible Machine; Contraption Maker
  4. About the role of the AI:
    Currently the AI only takes care of orientating moving enemies in order for them to climb to the top of the hill. Later, some ideas for the role of the AI will be:

    1. Crowd control: make sure enemies do not interfere with one another.
    2. Path finding: once there are obstacles on the way up hill, find paths for the enemies to reach the top.
    3. Puzzle planning: find obstacle and enemy placements that make for interesting puzzles.

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