Level design

After the second iteration we decided to work towards a level design that includes a tutorial. Notes from the Tech+Production meeting:


  • tutorial

add visual cues pointing to the new elements in the UI, like pointing arrows or red circles.
1) regular enemy, regular apple, just space unlock
a) a toy car hits you, screen with some text, progress.
b) a toy car appears along with some text and space is unlock. when car is hit, progress.
2) types of enemies and apples, show only the apple types
a) a tank appears, prompt to hit it, not works
b) unlock splash apple
c) wait for apple to be fired and tank to slide down, progress.
d) a boat appears, prompt to create a puddle, not works, talks about low contact surface
e) unlock sticky apple.
f) wait for boat to hit sticky apple, slide down, progress.
3) the arc, show the boxes, unlimited shots
a) 3 robots appear at different distances, prompt for hit with regular apple and one is hit.
b) prompt to press escape and tweak with force and mass
c) wait until the 3 robots are hit, progress
4) the rotation, unlimited shots
a) 7 stationary enemies appear at different positions, text to hit them
b) unlock rotation, wait for the enemies to be hit, progress
c) 7 stationary moving appear at different positions, text to hit them
d) wait until hit (player has unlimited lives here) and progress
5) explain the stats and limits
a) text, now it’s limited or we have to recharge…

  • first level
    • cars from everywhere + tanks from one side*
    • the one side may have several possible spawn points
  • second level
    • cars from everywhere + tanks, boats from one side
  • third level
    • cars from everywhere + tanks, boats, robots from one side
  • forth and so on…
    • continuous stream of enemies with increasing frequency

things to tweak while we playtest:

  • lives:
    • 10 lives too much? less lives and easier?
    • once a level is lost, restart the current level or start with the first level
  • enemies:
    • how often are they spawned, how many enemies total, how many hits per enemy?
    • add visual indicator when they are hit and become inactive (sliding down) before exploding into a particle cloud.
  • apples:
    • unlimited? limited? recharge time or limited quanity?
    • disappear after impact, different countdowns of disappear for each apple
  • frictionless splash:
    • disappear after a while, decay? limit the number

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